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High School High Tech students at Port St. Joe High School had a fantastic time learning about career opportunities with music, sports, military, drones, dogs and more from local leaders.

Florida High School High Tech of Gulf County hosted a Career Fair for their students at Port St. Joe High School last week. The HSHT program is a career mentoring program facilitated by the Dyslexia Research Institute.

“Our goal is to expose our students to many varied career options to expand their possibilities,” said Dr. Patricia Hardman, director or Dyslexia Research Institute and HSHT.

During the Career Fair, nine businesses spent two hours with the students presenting information about their career field and answering questions. Students were able to spend 20 minutes or more with two of the businesses as well as listening to all of the presenters in their introduction.

The students learned about many varied careers from professional baseball outfielder, Roman Quinn, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. They heard about opportunities in the communications field and the development of drones with Skyborne Technologies, Mike Lawson presenting.

Students interested in nature and animals were treated to “Biscuits” a kitten brought by the staff of St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, Kylie Skoda and several others explain about careers with animals. Sophie Fonseca of the St. Joseph Buffer Preserve rounded out the nature lovers by explaining how a love of nature can transform into a career.

Those students interested in photography were treated to viewing Debbie Hooper’s portfolio and discussing ways to turn a hobby into a career. For our budding vocal artists, Lauren Springs, singer/songwriter explained the many different ways vocal artists work with each other to create art.

Heather Burris, a retired Air Force Pilot and now a reservist, talked about careers in the Air Force. Medical fields of study, particularly in the emergency medical field, were discussed by Houston Whitfield. And not forgetting the little guys, Vanesa Ryan from The Learning Center discussed careers in child care.

It was a busy and information packed day.

This is the 13th year that the Dyslexia Research Institute has facilitated the High School High Tech Club.

Students left the program excited about the possibilities in their future.

This program is funded by The Able Trust, Vocational Rehabilitation and The Alfred L. duPont Foundation. Robyn A. Rennick is the Activities Director. For more information call 527-4671.

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