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Nick Williams Jersey

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The Phillies roster will see another major shift this offseason with a new coaching staff looking to put their mark on the Phillies record.

After a disappointing season, the Phillies have appeared to have made a psychological change by firing Gabe Kapler and hiring Joe Girardi. The organization will continue to use analytics and evaluate players using new -school technology, but they will not overload players with as much information as Kapler and his staff did.
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Several of the players who struggled under the Kapler regime were the young players Philadelphia needed to take a step forward if they wanted to be a part of the next era of winning baseball. Some, if not all, of those players were either stagnant or took a major step back in 2019, and are unlikely to return in 2020.

Phillies general manager Matt Klentak has a directive to win now, and he has a history of pulling off multiple trades in an offseason.

Here are five players Klentak will likely trade this offseason to ensure the Phillies win in 2020.
Nick Williams

One of the last additions of the Ruben Amaro Jr. era was supposed to be a cornerstone for the Phillies. Nick Williams was projected to be a five-tool corner outfielder who’d hit in the middle of the Phillies lineup for the next decade.

Williams has had his opportunities in Philadelphia, getting nearly 800 plate appearances in his first two seasons. Despite hitting 17 home runs in 2018 Williams was surpassed on the depth chart by Andrew McCutchen and Bryce Harper. Philadelphia gave Williams opportunities off the bench in 2019, but he couldn’t produce given the limited at-bats.

Williams just turned 26-years-old and has potential that could be unlocked by the right coaching staff on a team not expected to win. His value is at an all-time low since he was traded to the Phillies in the Cole Hamels package, but Philadelphia might be able to get either a reliever or international bonus pool money.

Look for teams like the Orioles, Royals, or Tigers to kick the tires on Williams as a reclamation project.

Andrew McCutchen Jersey

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PITTSBURGH — Andrew McCutchen was sitting near the middle of a basketball court at the Kingsley Center last Thursday morning, talking to a room full of third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from nearby Lincoln Elementary School in the Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He was there to tell his story, to encourage the students to work hard and never give up on their dreams.

He told the children the story about how, when he was 12 years old living in Fort Meade, Fla., he was hoping to attend a baseball camp in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The cost of travel was simply too much for his family to afford, but people in his community — from business owners to the family’s church — chipped in to raise the necessary money. With their help, McCutchen made it to the Roberto Clemente Camp after all.

On the surface, McCutchen was giving the students an idea of how he became a successful Major League Baseball star — with a lot of hard work and plenty of help along the way. And in a way, he was also explaining why he was sitting there in front of them in that gym, nearing the end of a week-long charitable blitz all around Pittsburgh.

“I’m giving because there were times I needed it for myself. My family needed the help,” McCutchen said. “We had a lot of help. If it wasn’t for the help, there’s no telling where we would be.

“For me, it only feels right to do the same thing: Help others who can’t help themselves and do it any way, shape or form that I can.”

McCutchen has displayed that giving spirit throughout his career, one of the reasons he won MLB’s Roberto Clemente Award in 2015. But there was one more question from Howard Slaughter, the president and CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh, as he sat next to McCutchen: Why here?

McCutchen didn’t miss a beat.

“’Cause I love Pittsburgh,” he said.

‘Project Pittsburgh’
McCutchen spent a full week, from Nov. 16 through Saturday, taking part in a series of charitable events around the city he still calls home. It was all part of “Project Pittsburgh,” a volunteer initiative created by McCutchen and his wife, Maria, to assist and promote nonprofit organizations in the area.

“Cutch Charity Week” was a busy one and, as McCutchen put it, a “hands-on” undertaking.

McCutchen helped high schoolers pick out clothes for job interviews during Senior Development Day at the South Hills Village Mall Macy’s store, served meals with the Light of Life Rescue Mission in the North Side, visited patients at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, read with kids at Carnegie Library, packaged supplies for the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, spoke to students at the Kingsley Center, swung a hammer alongside Habitat for Humanity volunteers while remodeling a house in Larimer, delivered food with 412 Food Rescue and hosted a free baseball clinic for inner-city children.

“We’re hoping that it sheds a little bit of light on these organizations, what they’re about and what they’re doing,” McCutchen said. “Hopefully this continues, so whoever sees it can find ways to be able to give as well.”

McCutchen said he and Maria wanted to do something like this for a while, but it wasn’t so easy to organize over the last few years. They welcomed their first son, Steel, in November 2017. Then, suddenly, Pittsburgh was no longer McCutchen’s professional home. First came the January 2018 trade that sent McCutchen from the Pirates to the Giants, then another trade to the Yankees, then his first foray into free agency and then, finally, a three-year contract with the Phillies.

The McCutchens are expecting their second child, another boy, later this winter. But they decided the time was right to turn their brainstorming sessions into action. And they wanted to give back here in Pittsburgh, where they met, started their family and still reside in one of the city’s northern suburbs.

“We were ready. We were ready to get started, to work within the community,” McCutchen said. “No better place than where we live, being in Pittsburgh, to be able to give back to this city. … I haven’t been in the community, especially in Pittsburgh, the last few years. So just the hunger to want to do it and want to be a part of something like this, it’s something I really wanted to do.”

McCutchen could have just written a bunch of checks to charities, called it a day and spent the week at home with his son and pregnant wife. He did far more than that during “Cutch Charity Week.”

“Andrew’s support and help, just coming in and spending some time with us, it shows that he cares and that he’s committed,” Slaughter said. “Not everyone would be willing to come and roll up their sleeves and hammer nails and put up drywall and siding and things of that nature for somebody that they don’t know, for someone they may never know. That kind of work is sustaining, meaning that what we do today is going to benefit somebody for the next 40 or 50 years. That kind of impact is rare.”

McCutchen said it was important to see the programs in action and called it “eye-opening” to be a part of their daily work. He also set out to make “Project Pittsburgh” more of a grassroots movement than a photo opportunity, demonstrating just how many different ways people can get involved and help others within their community.

“I felt this was something I needed. There’s a lot of organizations that need a lot of help,” McCutchen said. “On top of that, it’s shedding light on all of these different organizations that you can work with — not just me and not just another athlete or celebrity, but the average person. … There’s all of these programs, all of these places where you can help, you can lend a helping hand, you can volunteer, you can donate. Just showing others that if you don’t necessarily know what you want to do, there are a lot of outlets where you can find something to do.”

Local connection
Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that McCutchen has worn three uniforms since he last donned his No. 22 jersey with the Pirates, because he was so inextricably linked to Pittsburgh from 2009-17. He was the face of the franchise, the National League’s Most Valuable Player and one of the Majors’ most recognizable stars when the Pirates snapped their 20-year streak and returned to the postseason in 2013.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember, though, simply because McCutchen is still so popular around here.

“People who aren’t from here, they wouldn’t realize it until they’re actually here. This city is unique,” McCutchen said. “They love their sports. They love their athletes. They love their celebrities. They don’t just treat you like an athlete. They treat you like a human being, like a person. It’s a very family-oriented place. It’s a big city, but it has a small-town feel to it. That’s the thing I love about it.”

When he visited the Habitat for Humanity home in Larimer, McCutchen found himself signing a block of wood, promising to autograph one volunteer’s hammer and talking on FaceTime with other volunteers’ family members. At a lunch with sponsors, he told a story about his first walk-off home run that left adults in the room as rapt as the kids were in the Kingsley Center gym — and that was a remarkably attentive group of elementary school students.

“For the kids today to see an athlete who lives in Pittsburgh, loves this community, comes back and spends time with the kids, they engage,” Slaughter said. “Those things will make a difference for those kids for the rest of their lives. They’ll remember today that they heard Andrew said, ‘You’ve got to work hard.’ They’ll remember Andrew saying not to give up. They’ll remember Andrew saying, ‘Yeah, I struck out over 100 times, but I hit a lot of home runs and made a lot of plays.’

“Those are the realistic kinds of things that we want to send a message to the kids about. We want them to know, no, it’s not always going to be easy, but you can overcome those obstacles if you keep working hard. That’s the kind of message Andrew can convey to kids, and they’ll remember that.”

Matt Davis, the manager of baseball and program development for the faith-based Urban Impact Foundation, came away from Saturday’s clinic with a similar impression. McCutchen provided free instruction for boys and girls who play baseball with Urban Impact, the Josh Gibson Foundation, the RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) Pittsburgh Program and the Boys & Girls Club. The camp was divided up into eight stations run by McCutchen, local college players and coaches.

“When we were calling kids and telling them about this, his name is still, ‘Whoa! Yeah, let’s go! I’m interested and I want to hang out with Andrew McCutchen,’” Davis said. “He’s still a big deal here, and I think this city still really loves him. For him to come back is really exciting. … There’s not a ton of African-Americans playing the game of baseball right now. It’s really cool for them to see that and see him as a role model. ‘Hey, I can achieve that if I work hard.’

“He does such an awesome job with the kids, interacting with them and building relationships. It doesn’t take more than a smile, saying hi and, man, he’s in. He’s not just a celebrity baseball player; he’s really down-to-earth and does a great job talking to kids and getting to know them.”

The initial response to “Project Pittsburgh,” McCutchen said, was everything they had hoped for. They called for volunteers to sign up for each stop, and every volunteer position was filled. When those opportunities were taken, McCutchen said, people asked for another way they could give back.

“It’s been overwhelming and humbling at the same time,” McCutchen said. “This city and the people here, they’re amazing and they’re doing amazing things around the city just trying to make it a better place.”

Adam Berry has covered the Pirates for since 2015. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook and read his blog.

J. T. Realmuto Jersey

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Extending J.T. Realmuto should be one of, if not the top priorities for the Phillies this offseason.

After being acquired in a trade with the Miami Marlins that sent a highly talented phenom to Miami, J.T. Realmuto more than proved his worth in a Phillies uniform this season. He contributed heavily at the plate and behind the dish, en route to winning a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

Heading into the free agency period next offseason, Realmuto would be extremely sought after by any team that needs help with a backstop. It should be the Phillies utmost responsibility to keep him in the red and white pinstripes by locking him into a contract extension, because without J.T., they simply won’t be the same team.

Realmuto’s 2019 season statline reads as follows. 25HR, 83RBIs, .275 average. And not to be forgotten, Realmuto knocked 36 doubles and almost stole double-digit bags as a catcher. Granted, it doesn’t deviate from his previous season with the Marlins, but it proves Realmuto can be expected to be consistently productive at the plate.
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What sets Realmuto apart from other catchers in this league is the way he finds success in multiple phases of the game. With one of the quickest, if not the best, pop-times in the league that combines with a plus arm, Realmuto is feared by base-stealers for his prowess at getting the ball to second in record time.

At the plate Realmuto led all catchers with 148 hits, 36 doubles, and 83 RBI, while also hitting a career-high 25 home runs.

It proves he’s the total package, but what are the Phils going to need to do to keep a guy like J.T.? Well, as Puff Daddy would say, “It’s all about the Benjamins.”

The Phils will have the advantage of Realmuto being under contract for one more season, but after said year he will demand top-dollar in the 2020 market.

This makes it all the more important to get a long-term deal done right now.

Considering his production and relatively young age of 28, J.T. could demand $100 million-plus in total contract value when offensive output is weighted. If his contract was placed in the 5-6 years range with no opt-outs, the Phillies could reasonably offer $20 million per year, and that might be a bargain given last his 2019 production.

Buster Posey has the largest guaranteed contract for a catcher with $159 million over eight years, and Yadier Molina’s deal averages $20 million, the highest average annual value at the position.
Next: Phillies: 5 options to play at third base in 2020

While he’ll age just like any other player, Realmuto’s bat could give him an everyday spot at another position such as first base or potentially someday as a designated hitter. For my money it’s not going to be if the Phillies extend Realmuto, but when they do it. The time is now, and it’s going to be exciting to see what Realmuto can make out of a long career in a Phillies uniform.

Andrew Knapp Jersey

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The Phillies will pursue Gerrit Cole. The Phillies have an interest in Madison Bumgarner. The Phillies would love to sign Stephen Strasburg. Cole Hamels would love to return to Philadelphia.

It’s going to be all pitching all the time for the Phillies during this Hot Stove season, and since super agent Scott Boras is once again running the show — both Cole and Strasburg are his clients — you should probably be prepared for this to go on for a while.
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For the good of the game, let’s hope it doesn’t drag into spring training again this year.

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— Bob Brookover ([email protected])
Phillies catcher Deivy Grullon hit 42 homers the last two seasons in the minor leagues.
YONG KIM / Staff Photographer
Phillies catcher Deivy Grullon hit 42 homers the last two seasons in the minor leagues.
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The 26th man

It’s not nearly as sexy as acquiring a Cy Young Award-level starting pitcher for $250-$300 million, but Phillies general manager Matt Klentak and his team of decision makers will have a new situation to ponder in 2020 when rosters expand from 25 to 26 players.

Klentak talked at length about that addition this week at the general manager meetings in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“I think it’s going to be fun to watch because I think you’re going to have different teams that approach that very differently,” Klentak said. “You may have some rebuilding clubs that are going to use that as an opportunity to give maybe an unproven player more playing time. For contending teams, you might find they are using that roster spot on some sort of specialist. Not necessarily a pitcher, but a pinch runner or pinch hitter or a defensive specialist.”

While rosters will expand to 26, pitching staffs will be limited to 13, which had become the most common number for almost every major-league team in recent years.

One possibility for some teams is to keep three catchers, although that seems unlikely for the Phillies since they have J.T. Realmuto, who started a major-league-leading 130 games at that position last season.

“Given that J.T. plays as much as he does, I think if we were going to carry a third catcher, we would want that player to probably be able to play somewhere else and/or be more of an offensive bench threat,” Klentak said.

Andrew Knapp, the Phillies’ backup catcher each of the last three seasons, has come under fire for a lack of offensive production, but his .318 on-base percentage was actually higher than 14 of the 21 backup catchers who had between 100 and 200 at-bats last season.

Deivy Grullon, who got his first big-league cup of coffee in September, appears to be more of an offensive threat than Knapp. Grullon hit 21 homers each of the last two seasons at double-A Reading and triple-A Lehigh Valley. His 77 RBIs last season were tied for eighth in the International League, a remarkable rank for a catcher.

Both Knapp and Grullon have the ability to play first base.

Klentak was asked if the Phillies needed to upgrade at backup catcher from Knapp.

“To be fair to Andrew, J.T. relative to just about anybody is going to be a huge gap,” Klentak said. “More than anything, the reason J.T. played so much is because J.T. is really good and he’s really durable and he wants to play.

“I think it’s really difficult for any player, but especially a relatively young player like Knapp, to adjust to a bench role when they’ve been a regular most of their lives. I was encouraged by the way he played in the last week to 10 days when he had a chance to play a little more regularly. I thought his at-bats were good.

“The other thing I’ll say on Knapp is, he’s a really strong and influential guy in the clubhouse. He’s very close to his teammates, he’s a leader in the clubhouse, and that’s another thing we have to make sure we appreciate with whatever decision we make. I think the pairing of Realmuto and Knapp is generally pretty good and can continue to be, particularly with the 26th man, which is likely going to add another bat off the bench and limit the number of pinch-hitting opportunities for the backup catcher.”
The rundown

Nothing like Scott Boras Day at the GM meetings and winter meetings, and the first installment came Wednesday in Scottsdale, Ariz. While rumors have swirled that Houston All-Star pitcher Gerrit Cole would prefer to sign with a West Coast team, Boras indicated his client would happily accept a check signed by Phillies managing partner John Middleton.

Surprise, surprise, look who’s back in a managerial chair. Well, Gabe Kapler actually prefers a standing desk in his office, but you get the idea. Kapler was hired by the San Francisco Giants and Scott Lauber listened to him field a lot of tough questions Wednesday at his introductory news conference. The Phillies will face Kapler and the Giants from April 27-29 in San Francisco, and Kapler and his team will come to Philadelphia for a four-game series from Aug. 6-9.

If Middleton wants to spend big again on free agents this offseason, which seems likely when you have a class that includes Cole, Stephen Strasburg, Madison Bumgarner, Anthony Rendon and Josh Donaldson, among others, he can probably do so without taking the Phillies over baseball’s luxury-tax threshold of $208 million. Scott Lauber examined the Phillies’ payroll commitments already in place.

Matt Klentak knows pitching is the team’s No. 1 priority this offseason, but he also knows that it’s not just about dollars and years. The GM has concerns about giving up too many draft picks by signing high-level free agents.

Former Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is looking for work after leaving his advisory role with the New York Mets. Amaro told me he would love to return to Philadelphia in some capacity, and that might be possible in some sort of broadcasting role.

Juan Castro, best known around here for making a terrific play at third base to complete the late Roy Halladay’s 2010 perfect game in Miami, was hired as the Phillies’ infield instructor late last week. He replaces Bobby Dickerson, who left for a job in San Diego.
Important dates

Nov. 20: Teams must set their 40-man rosters for the Rule 5 draft.

Dec. 9-12: Winter meetings in San Diego.

Feb. 11: Phillies pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

March 26: Opening day against the Marlins in Miami.
Baltimore Orioles infielder Jonathan Villar originally signed with the Phillies for $105,000 as an international free agent in 2008.
Julio Cortez / AP
Baltimore Orioles infielder Jonathan Villar originally signed with the Phillies for $105,000 as an international free agent in 2008.
Stat of the day

If you are still an avid reader of the print edition, you will find an extensive story in this Sunday’s Inquirer about the Phillies’ quest for an international superstar like Washington’s Juan Soto and Atlanta’s Ronald Acuna Jr. Some of the Phillies’ best international signings have helped them acquire players via trade, with the most recent example being the deal that brought them All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto from Miami. The two key players going the other way were catcher Jorge Alfaro and pitcher Sixto Sanchez, both of whom had good seasons.

Alfaro hit .262 with 18 home runs and 57 RBIs for the Marlins, and Sanchez went 8-6 with a 2.76 ERA in 20 starts at high-A Jupiter and double-A Jacksonville. Sanchez struck out 103 and walked just 21 in 114 innings.

The Phillies’ best international signing from the past was infielder Jonathan Villar, who hit .274 with 33 doubles, five triples and 24 home runs with Baltimore. The Phillies traded Villar, 28, to Houston as part of the Roy Oswalt deadline deal in 2010.
From the mailbag

Send questions by email or on Twitter @brookob.

Question: After demolishing AFL pitching this Autumn, it is indisputable that Alec Bohm is the real McCoy. After applying himself diligently, Bohm has made solid improvement in his defense at 3rd base. His lateral movement is improved and there is no questions about his arm. Still, some scouts (who likely haven’t seen Bohm since last Spring Training) say he is destined for 1st base. The Phils need a 3rd baseman badly. Yet, Bohm will be in the Show by May. Why are the Phillies said to be considering Anthony Rendon or Josh Donaldson when Bohm is so close? If Bohm’ s future is at 1st base, what does that mean for Rhys Hoskins? Even though his slump extended to the end of the season, he still is one of the best power hitters in MLB. Where are they going with this? Thanks so much for your excellent insight. I look forward to you covering Hot Stove.

— Roger S., via email

Answer: Thanks for the question and for being such an avid reader, Roger. Alec Bohm did follow up a stellar minor-league season with a great showing in the Arizona Fall League, hitting .361 with a .925 OPS in 19 games against top competition.

With Hoskins at first base and Bohm knocking on the big-league door, it does create an interesting situation for the Phillies. I personally don’t think the Phillies will sign either Rendon or Donaldson because they will spend the big bucks on pitching. Maybe they’ll try to sign Mike Moustakas on a short-term deal and continue to let Bohm develop for one more year while also finding out if Hoskins can overcome the problems he had in the second half of last season.

There is one important thing to remember. It seems likely that the designated hitter will be coming to the National League in the not-too-distant future, and under that scenario, every team in the league is going to want another hitter capable of putting up big power numbers. So if the Phillies did decide to sign Rendon or Donaldson to long-term deals, they could have a middle of the order in two years with Bohm, Hoskins, Bryce Harper and either Rendon or Donaldson.

Vince Velasquez Jersey

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Since 2012, the Phillies have non-tendered contracts to three arbitration-eligible players; Maikel Franco and Cesar Hernandez could soon join that list.

As Thanksgiving has come and gone, the next important date of the Major League Baseball offseason is just days away: Monday’s 8 p.m. deadline for clubs to decide whether to “non-tender” their arbitration-eligible players.

When an arbitration-eligible player becomes “non-tendered,” their previous club is declining to offer them a contract for the upcoming season; therefore, the player is immediately made a free agent.

Players are up for non-tender consideration if they are on the 40-man roster and have fewer than six years of Major League service time. Reasons players could be no-tendered include that the club believes a salary increase they would receive in arbitration exceeds their on-field value, and/or that the club simply wants to clear a spot on the 40-man roster.

The Phillies have nine players eligible for arbitration this offseason: LHP Jose Alvarez, RHP Zach Eflin, 3B Maikel Franco, 2B Cesar Hernandez, C Andrew Knapp, LHP Adam Morgan, RHP Hector Neris, C J.T. Realmuto, and RHP Vince Velasquez.

While Eflin and Realmuto are surely locks to be tendered contracts by Monday’s deadline, the same cannot be said for Franco and Hernandez.

The Phillies have been rumored to be trying to trade either player, and have already explored options for their replacements in the infield, such as Didi Gregorius, Mike Moustakas, and Josh Donaldson, among others.

Click through to see the three most recent players, since 2012, that the Phillies have decided to non-tender and the avoid arbitration process with.

Hector Neris Jersey

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PHILADELPHIA – Phillies closer Héctor Neris will appeal Major League Baseball’s three-game suspension and fine for intentionally hitting Dodgers first baseman David Freese with a pitch Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.

Neris drilled Freese in the middle of his back with a 95-mph fastball after he allowed a three-run home run in the top of the ninth inning to pinch-hitter Matt Beaty to hand the Dodgers a two-run lead. The Phillies scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth to win the game, 9-8.
Must C: Phils stun Dodgers in 9th

Jul 17th, 2019


Must C: Phils stun Dodgers in 9th

Neris and Phillies manager Gabe Kapler said afterward that the pitch was not intentional.

“I wanted to throw inside, and I hit him,” Neris said. “I didn’t hit him on purpose.”

Neris can continue to pitch until the matter is resolved, typically with a hearing.

Todd Zolecki has covered the Phillies since 2003, and for since 2009. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook .

Cole Irvin Jersey

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Pat Borders will return as manager of the Williamsport Crosscutters for the 2020 season, the team confirmed Monday. It will be the former World Series MVP’s sixth season at the helm of the Cutters, the longest tenure of any manager in franchise history.

Borders is scheduled to be in Williamsport on Jan. 15 for the Crosscutters’ annual Hot Stove Banquet. He will be appearing at the event along with ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian and former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Greg Luzinski Kurkjian is returning to the banquet for a second consecutive season.

No other member of the Cutters’ coaching staff has been announced.

In five seasons leading the Philadelphia Phillies’ short-season Class A affiliate, Borders has accumulated a 191-185 record and is the franchise’s career leader in managerial wins. In 2019, Williamsport finished 32-43, but was tied for the league’s best record over the season’s final 38 games. The Cutters also finished third in the league in team ERA.

Five former Cutters under the tutelage of Borders have gone on to play Major League Baseball — Adam Haseley, Seranthony Dominguez, Cole Irvin, Ranger Suarez and Jacob Waguespack.

In his first season with Williamsport in 2015, he guided the Crosscutters to the league’s best regular-season record and a Pinckney Division championship. His 46-30 mark that season is the third-best record in club history. It was the team’s first division title since 2001.

JD Hammer Jersey

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2019 Topps Gallery Fernando Tatis Jr. RC

The final 50 are short prints, several of which are retired stars. These are 1:5 monster box packs.

Rather than photos found in most sets, 2019 Topps Gallery Baseball has paintings, drawings and artistic renderings.

Parallels start with color-based Green (/99), Blue (/50), Orange (/25) and Red (1/1). Different configurations have exclusives as well. Monster boxes are where you’ll find Private Issue (/250) versions while each blaster has foun Artist Proofs.
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New this year is Master and Apprentice, which has ten pairings of players from different generations. All of these come from the same team except for the father-son combo of Vladimir Guerrero and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Most of the product’s signatures come in the form of Base Autographs. More than 100 cards from the main set have upgraded versions.

Select Hall of Fame Gallery, Masterpiece and Impressionists cards also have autographs.

The first glimpse at 2019 Topps Gallery Baseball came in specially marked National Baseball Card Day packs of 2019 Bowman Platinum Baseball. These had specially stamped preview cards.

2019 Topps Gallery Preview Ken Griffey Jr.

Although an exact release date for 2019 Topps Gallery Baseball hasn’t been announced, Walmart’s website is showing a November 20 delivery date. Retail products don’t always show up locally on the exact date like most hobby products do. That said, some collectors started to find them around November 15.
2019 Topps Gallery Baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Monster – 5, Blaster – 4
Packs per box: Monster – 20, Blaster – 7 (plus 4 Artist Proof parallels)
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: November, 2019
Shop for 2019 Topps Gallery Baseball boxes on eBay:

Monster Boxes

2019 Topps Gallery Baseball Checklist

Please note that only monster box odds are currently listed. We’ll do our best to add other configurations as they become available.
Base Set Checklist

200 cards.
Short Prints – #151-200

2019 Topps Gallery Baseball Pete Alonso RC


Artist Proof – (4 per blaster)
Player Private Issue – /250 (1:14 monster)
Green – /99 (1:99 monster)
Blue – /50 (1:174 monster)
Orange – /50 (1:349 monster)
Printing Plates – 1/1 (1:2,164 monster; each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1 Willians Astudillo RC
2 Nate Lowe RC
3 Clayton Kershaw
4 Lance McCullers Jr.
5 Austin Riley RC
6 Shane Bieber
7 Juan Soto
8 David Peralta
9 George Springer
10 Nolan Arenado
11 Ramon Laureano RC
12 Bryan Reynolds RC
13 Brendan Rodgers RC
14 Trevor Story
15 Javier Baez
16 Harold Ramirez RC
17 Justin Upton
18 Rowdy Tellez RC
19 Myles Straw RC
20 Xander Bogaerts
21 Jon Duplantier RC
22 Jalen Beeks RC
23 Jonathan Villar
24 Pete Alonso RC
25 Shohei Ohtani

26 Michael Kopech RC
27 Albert Pujols
28 Austin Meadows
29 Kris Bryant
30 Bryce Harper
31 Taylor Ward RC
32 Aaron Judge
33 Carson Kelly
34 Daniel Ponce de Leon RC
35 Mitch Keller RC
36 Brad Keller RC
37 Mike Foltynewicz
38 Nicky Lopez RC
39 Heath Fillmyer RC
40 Josh Naylor RC
41 Jake Bauers RC
42 Yu Darvish
43 Jon Lester
44 Brandon Lowe RC
45 Jeff McNeil RC
46 Kolby Allard RC
47 Matt Chapman
48 Pablo Lopez RC
49 Justus Sheffield RC
50 Francisco Lindor

51 Khris Davis
52 Adam Cimber
53 Keston Hiura RC
54 Pedro Avila RC
55 Kevin Newman RC
56 Fernando Tatis Jr. RC
57 Nicholas Castellanos
58 Dakota Hudson RC
59 Blake Snell
60 Michael Chavis RC
61 Max Scherzer
62 Christian Yelich
63 Trevor Bauer
64 Zack Greinke
65 Jacob Nix RC
66 Chris Paddack RC
67 Joey Votto
68 Kohl Stewart RC
69 Corey Kluber
70 Lane Thomas RC
71 Jose Berrios
72 Gary Sanchez
73 Josh James RC
74 Josh Hader
75 Touki Toussaint RC

76 Josh Donaldson
77 Bryse Wilson RC
78 Ronald Acuña Jr.
79 Kyle Freeland
80 Christin Stewart RC
81 Justin Verlander
82 Dawel Lugo RC
83 Andrew McCutchen
84 Whit Merrifield
85 Reese McGuire RC
86 Steven Duggar RC
87 Ozzie Albies
88 Matt Carpenter
89 Sean Reid-Foley RC
90 Mike Clevinger
91 Alex Bregman
92 Willson Contreras
93 Noah Syndergaard
94 Byron Buxton
95 Trey Mancini
96 Cedric Mullins RC
97 Kyle Wright RC
98 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. RC
99 Jake Cave RC
100 Salvador Perez

101 Jacob deGrom
102 Mike Yastrzemski RC
103 Will Smith RC
104 Merrill Kelly RC
105 Mike Trout
106 Rhys Hoskins
107 Max Muncy
108 Carter Kieboom RC
109 Shaun Anderson RC
110 Anthony Rizzo
111 Chance Adams RC
112 Elvis Luciano RC
113 Domingo Santana
114 Danny Jansen RC
115 Buster Posey
116 Yusei Kikuchi RC
117 Mookie Betts
118 David Fletcher RC
119 DJ Stewart RC
120 Dennis Santana RC
121 Kyle Tucker RC
122 Ryan Borucki RC
123 Luis Severino
124 JD Hammer RC
125 Garrett Hampson RC

126 Ryan Helsley RC
127 Aaron Nola
128 Cole Tucker RC
129 Jose Altuve
130 Kyle Schwarber
131 Paul Goldschmidt
132 Luke Voit
133 Nick Senzel RC
134 Trent Thornton RC
135 Luis Arraez RC
136 Freddie Freeman
137 Jose Ramirez
138 Cavan Biggio RC
139 Miguel Andujar
140 Chris Sale
141 Dustin Pedroia
142 Patrick Wisdom RC
143 Manny Machado
144 Framber Valdez RC
145 Miguel Cabrera
146 Thairo Estrada RC
147 Eloy Jimenez RC
148 Rafael Devers
149 Mitch Haniger
150 Yadier Molina
Short Prints

1:5 monster box packs.

151 Ichiro
152 Rickey Henderson
153 Cal Ripken Jr.
154 Mark McGwire
155 Frank Thomas
156 Chipper Jones
157 Nolan Ryan
158 Babe Ruth
159 Derek Jeter
160 Jackie Robinson
161 Hank Aaron
162 Stan Musial
163 Ted Williams
164 Lou Gehrig
165 Ken Griffey Jr.
166 Joey Gallo
167 Lorenzo Cain
168 Charlie Blackmon
169 Starling Marte
170 Giancarlo Stanton
171 Robinson Cano
172 Ernie Banks
173 Adrian Beltre
174 Felix Hernandez
175 Stephen Strasburg

176 Evan Longoria
177 Eric Hosmer
178 J.D. Martinez
179 Carlos Correa
180 Gerrit Cole
181 Cody Bellinger
182 Andrew Benintendi
183 Josh Bell
184 Trea Turner
185 Marcus Stroman
186 Michael Conforto
187 Gleyber Torres
188 Chris Archer
189 Miguel Sano
190 Amed Rosario
191 Corey Seager
192 Walker Buehler
193 Victor Robles
194 Yoan Moncada
195 J.T. Realmuto
196 Willie Mays
197 Tony Gwynn
198 Roberto Clemente
199 George Brett
200 Johnny Bench

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Spencer Howard is one of the Phillies top prospects. (Steven Kiebach)

Although the Philadelphia Phillies don’t play a regular season game for another four months, there is a lot going on in the organization. They have a new manager in Joe Girardi, a new pitching coach in Bryan Price and continue to search for a hitting coach.

In addition to the coaching changes, a number of Phillies top prospects participated in the Arizona Fall League, which concluded at the end of October. Alec Bohm and Spencer Howard have been the two big name prospects for the Phillies in 2019 and will continue to be through the offseason and into Spring Training.

Aside from those guys, who are the top prospects in the organization, though? There has been plenty of criticism going around about the Phillies inability to draft and get value in the international market. Sure, Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Nola, Cesar Hernandez and Seranthony Dominguez have made impacts at the major league level, but there has been a true shortage of talent coming from the minor leagues to Philadelphia over the past decade.

The lack of development in the minor leagues has put the Phillies in a position to have to dip their feet deep into free agency. It’s a bit different than how their 2008 World Championship team was built — primarily from within. Having a depth issue in the minors not only puts you in a situation to rely on free agents, but it also hinders you from making trades if your young talent is not producing.

As the Phillies continue to try and turn things around behind their new head of amateur scouting, Brian Barber, their current top prospects aim to progress in their development and ideally reverse the poor outlook that has been plaguing Philadelphia’s minor league system for a while now.

Each year, Baseball America releases a number of prospect lists for each time. The first one of the offseason has been unveiled for the Phillies and beyond the top three guys, there are a lot of question marks.

1. Spencer Howard (RHP) – Howard is one of four right-handers on the Phillies top 10 prospect list heading into the offseason. Following a an injury stint with shoulder soreness, Howard returned to the field with reckless abandon, putting together a tremendous 2019 campaign. Between four minor league levels, Howard posted a 3-1 record to go a long with a 2.03 ERA in 15 starts. He continued his success in six Arizona Fall League outings, allowing five runs in 21.1 innings, striking out 27 and walking 10. Expect Howard to get a hard look during Spring Training with a high likelihood of a major league debut in 2020.

Here’s a snippet of his scouting report from Baseball America:

Howard has a starter’s build and the potential for three above-average or better offspeed pitches, although the consistency of his breaking balls varies dramatically. His 93-99 mph fastball is a reliable, plus-plus weapon. He’s touched triple-digits and, unlike many fireballers, can stay on the edges of the strike zone. Howard’s mid-80s changeup was below-average when he signed, started flashing average last year and by the end of 2019 it was regularly flashing plus thanks to solid deception and some late tumble. He can break off a swing-and-miss curveball as well, although it’s not all that reliable.
Alec Bohm is the Phillies No. 1 hitting prospect (Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire)

2. Alec Bohm (3B) – In just his second professional season in the Phillies organization, Bohm looks like the next strong hitter to come out of the minor league system. After slashing .252/.335/.324 in 40 games during the 2018 season, Bohm improved in nearly every area. Between three minor league levels, he slashed .305/.378/.518 with 21 home runs and 80 RBIs. He finished the season in Reading, where he hit 14 homers a posted a strong OBP of .344, walking 28 times to 38 strikeouts. Bohm was one of the offensive stars of the Arizona Fall League, hitting .361 in 19 games, tallying 38 total bases. Don’t rule out Bohm starting the 2020 season as the Phillies starting third baseman, especially if he has a strong spring.

The long-limbed Bohm has a straightforward swing that generates plenty of long fly balls. He has good plate coverage and uses the entire field, with the power to hit the ball out to center and right field. He has solid strike zone awareness and shows solid barrel control despite a long swing and long levers. He projects be an above-average hitter with above-average power. He most likely will end up as an average defender at first, although he could equal or top Rhys Hoskins’ efforts in left field.
Bryson Stott was drafted by the Phillies in the first round of the 2019 MLB Draft. (UNLV)

3. Bryson Stott (SS) – The Phillies top pick from 2019 came into the organization after leading all Division I hitters in doubles (30) in his sophomore season at UNLV. He played 44 games with Philadelphia’s Short Season affiliate in Williamsport, PA, hitting .274 with eight doubles, two triples, five home runs and 24 RBIs. Stott posted an on-base percentage of .391, which will likely drop in his second season as he progresses through the system. Expect Stott to start in either Class ‘A’ Lakewood or Advanced ‘A’ Clearwater in 2020.

Stott has few clear weaknesses, but also few standout tools. He quickly showed that he can string together tough at-bats. He knows the strike zone and punishes mistakes. He can be beat by high heat but rarely chases pitches out of the zone. Stott’s plate coverage needs to improve because he’ll sometimes get pull-happy even though he has the strength to drive the ball to the opposite field. He has average bat speed. Defensively, Stott has continued to improve. He has a shortstop’s easy actions and above-average range to go with an above-average arm.

4. Francisco Morales (RHP) – The 20-year-old native of Venezuela was signed by the Phils as an international free agent in 2016. Morales came out of the international market with the best fastball in his class and per Baseball America, it’s only gotten better. He played his first full professional season after spending time in the GCL and Williamsport in 2017 and 2018. During the 2019 campaign in Lakewood, Morales posted a 3.82 ERA in 27 games (15 starts), striking out 129 batters while walking 46.

Morales has a simple delivery, which utilizes a modest hip turn to load to his balance point on the rubber before exploding to the plate. When he repeated his delivery and stayed on top of his release point, he dominated hitters with his 93-97 mph fastball and plus 85-89 mph slider. Morales’ changeup remains more of an idea than a usable pitch—it’s hard (86-88 mph) without much action or deception. Morales throws enough strikes but his command needs to improve.

5. Adonis Medina (RHP) – Medina has been in the Phillies organization since 2014 and slowly made his way to the top of their prospect charts only to stumble over the past two seasons. In 2017, his first year of full season ball, Medina posted a 3.01 ERA in 22 starts, tallying 133 strikeouts and walking just 39. He held the opposition to a .227 average. That has gotten worse in each of the past two years, with opponents hitting a combined .245 and .254 against him in 2018 and 2019, respectively. This past season with Double- A Reading, Medina posted a 4.94 ERA in 22 games (21 starts), but was abysmal in the second half, where he sported an ERA of 6.75. With his regression, it makes sense for Medina to start the 2020 season back with Reading to try and regain some of his successes from seasons past. Left-handers were especially good against Medina in 2019, slashing .302/.385/.473

Medina still has the ingredients to end up as a solid No. 3 or No. 4 starter. He sits 91-96 mph with an above-average fastball that has average life. His slider will sporadically flash the two-plane tilt that can make it a true weapon, but too often he gets on the side of it and it becomes a slurvier pitch. His fringe-average changeup, which has long flashed plus potential, has not developed into a true weapon. Instead, more advanced hitters have found he struggles to throw it for strikes, so they can quickly recognize and eliminate the pitch.

6. Rafael Marchan (C) – Signed out of Venezuela in 2015, Marchan has improved defensively as a catcher, but has yet to find any sort of power stroke. In 85 minor league games, Marchan has yet to hit a home run. The 20-year-old switch-hitter slashed .261/.333/.325 between Lakewood and Clearwater in 2019. He struggled in a pitcher friendly Florida State League, hitting just .231 with a .291 on-base percentage with Clearwater. Marchan will almost definitely head back to Clearwater to start the 202 season.

Marchan’s an excellent defensive catcher with few weaknesses behind the plate. He is an agile backstop with soft, quiet hands that pluck strikes from the bottom and sides of the strike zone. He also embraces the challenge of working with pitchers on calling a good game. He also has an accurate, plus arm that can produce 1.9-second pop times. Marchan’s glove is going to need to be excellent because he doesn’t provide much value as a hitter.

7. Luis Garcia (SS) – At just 19 years of age, Garcia ranked as the 12th best prospect in a 2017 international class that also included the likes of Wander Franco and Julio Rodriguez. After winning the GCL batting title in 2018 with a .369 average in 43 games, he came back to Earth in a bad way in 2019. It was his first full season and he managed a .186 average, which was 10th worst among all minor league hitters with 400+ plate appearances, per Baseball America. His .255 on-base percentage was fifth-worst. There’s no doubt that Garcia will spent 2020 back in Lakewood with Bryson Stott having the potential to skip a level and go straight to Clearwater.

Garcia’s lack of physicality was apparent all season—he didn’t get steadily better as he caught up to the league. Instead, he hit below .200 in all but one month of the season. He puts together solid at-bats, has excellent hand-eye coordination is and he has solid pitch recognition for his age. Because of a lack of snap in his wrists, Garcia simply doesn’t hit the ball hard enough to make pitchers respect him. When pitchers challenge him, he makes a lot of soft contact. Outfielders played him shallow because they didn’t need to worry about him hitting it over their heads.

8. Enyel De Los Santos (RHP) – The 6-foot-3 right-hander out of the Dominican is the only player on the top 10 list that has seen time in the big leagues. He came to Philadelphia in a trade that sent Freddy Galvis to San Diego and looked like a solid addition after finishing second in the Triple-A International League in ERA in 2018. Unfortunately, that success didn’t roll over to 2019. He started 19 games for the Ironpigs, posting an ERA of 4.40, while also making five appearances for the Phillies, where the opposition hit .317 off of him.

To be able to establish roots in Philadelphia, de los Santos is going to need to show he can locate his 92-98 mph above-average fastball to both sides of the plate. His control is fine, but his command is below-average. His fastball has exceptional armside run, but that run means when he tries to get to the outer corner against righthanded hitters the ball often leaks back over the middle of the plate. It’s more effective when it runs in on righthanders.

9. Mickey Moniak (OF) – Moniak, 21, is one of the most talked about Phillies prospect having been the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft. Over his four years in the Phillies system, he hasn’t done much to live up to that reputation, but in 2019, he made strides with Double-A Reading. Although he hit just .252, Moniak posted career highs in triples (13), RBIs, (67), walks (33), runs (63) and slugging percentage (.439). Moniak hit a combined .291 with 27 RBIs between May and June before cooling off. He struggled in the Arizona Fall League, hitting just .186 in 70 at-bats. Despite that, there’s a good chance he begins the 2020 season in Triple-A.

Scouts regularly note that if you forget that Moniak went 1-1, he’s an OK prospect as a potential fourth outfielder. Moniak provides a reasonably well-rounded tool set, although there are no plus tools. He has gotten strong enough to project fringe-average power. He has some ability to put barrel on ball with a pull-heavy approach that suits his swing and his power, but he doesn’t draw walks and it’s hard to see him posting even league-average on-base percentages.

10. Nick Maton (SS) – Selected in the seventh round of the 2017 draft, Maton has shown improvement at nearly every level until he got to Double-A towards the end of 2019. In 93 games with Clearwater, Maton slashed .276/.358/.380 with 13 doubles, five home runs and 45 RBIs. He finished the season in Reading, where he’ll almost definitely start in 2020, and hit .210. Still, he drew nine walks and has posted an OBP over .330 at every other level until Double-A, which doesn’t yet have a large enough sample size.

Maton needs to continue to get stronger, but he’s developed some wiry power, giving him a chance to hit 10-12 home runs down the road. He’s altered his setup to try to hit the ball in the air—he now lays his bat across his shoulder to begin his swing. Maton’s bat speed is average, but he’s consistently shown that he can catch up to premium velocity —in fact he seems to prefer when a pitcher tries to blow him away. Maton has gone from being a reliable defender with limited range to a reliable defender with average range at second or shortstop who can sometimes make a highlight-level play.

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The Phillies added four pitchers to their 40-man roster on Wednesday night, including Cristopher Sanchez, who was acquired in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Sanchez, 23, is a 6-5 left-hander from the Dominican Republic who pitched mostly at the Single A level in 2019. The Rays were out of room on their 40-man roster and believed Sanchez would be lost in next month’s Rule 5 draft so they peddled him to the Phillies for infielder Curtis Mead, a 19-year-old from Australia who played in the Gulf Coast League last summer.

Sanchez will come to big-league spring training camp in February, but he needs more development time in the minors as he has pitched just 1⅓ inning above the Single A level. Sanchez’ fastball can reach 97 mph. The Phils might have something if the lanky lefty can put it together.

The Phillies also added JoJo Romero, Garrett Cleavinger and Mauricio Llovera to the roster. Romero and Cleavinger are both lefties and Llovera is a power-armed right-hander. All three could figure in the big club’s bullpen picture at some point in 2020.

Romero, 23, was the Phillies’ fourth-round draft pick in 2016. He struggled as a starter at Double A and Triple A in 2019 but pitched well out of the bullpen in Arizona Fall League, giving up just one earned run in 10⅔ innings.

Cleavinger, 25, was a third-round pick by the Orioles in 2015. The Phillies acquired him for Jeremy Hellickson in the summer of 2017. Cleavinger has strikeout stuff — he punched out 83 batters and allowed just 32 hits in 51⅔ innings at Double A Reading in 2019 — but control is an issue as he walked 34.

Llovera, who turns 24 in April, has long impressed club officials with his power arm. He struck out 72 in 65⅓ innings at Reading in 2019.

Players added to the 40-man roster by Wednesday’s deadline cannot be selected in the Rule 5 draft at the winter meetings next month. The Phillies’ roster stands at 39.

The Phillies left a couple of notable young players unprotected. Catcher Rafael Marchan and power-hitting outfielder Jhailyn Ortiz will both be eligible for the Rule 5 draft. If selected by another club, they must spend the entire season in the majors. Both Marchan and Ortiz will play at 21 next season. Neither has played above the Florida State League and both are in need of more development time so the Phillies stand a good shot of hanging on to both.

Ortiz made headlines in the summer of 2015 when the Phillies signed him out of the Domincan Republic for $4 million. He has big power — 19 homers at Single A Clearwater in 2019 — but contact is an issue. He has racked up 297 strikeouts in 835 at-bats while hitting just .212 the last two seasons at the Single A level.